Our Gear

Our one of a kind thrill is powered by the xjetpack from stratospheric industries .We utilize only the best.Our xjetpack is this highest quality and durability. It utilizes forward flotation which means in the event of a splash down the jetpack will automatically right itself .

Our jetpack is powered by the optimal power source a high output Yamaha wave runner .In this specific case more power translates into safer flight for all of our guests

X-Jetpack NX

The X-Jetpack is the standard by which all other Jetpacks are measured with features like a Composite Saddle for stability and comfort, Solid Metal ‘Y’ Pipe and Jets for superior durability in even the toughest environment, Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Hardware for use in any type of water and Front Flotation to help keep your head out of the water. All in all, the X-Jetpack is a well thought out, professionally engineered, solidly built Hydro Jetpack Masterpiece. Beautiful enough to be prominantly displayed in your living room, but we suggest taking it out for a spin instead.

X Hydro Channel

Hydroflight and hydrosport power system for conversion of a personal watercraft, aka jet ski, into a water thrust powered flight platform. The most technically advanced water thrust system in the sport. X offers several different configuration to meet your performance needs.

Jetpack CX Carbon

An amazing performing carbon fiber jetpack that is unparalleled in hydroflight. Compact as to almost be invisible when viewed from the front, the speed of response stunned our testers. Mike and Scott and Sandy each flew the pack and exited with a huge grin on their faces. *Hydro Power Channel System not included.

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