Devon Bates


Devon Bates is the founder of Jetblade Barbados and is one of only a few experienced certified x-jetpack master instructors anywhere in the world today. As an international authority on hydro sports Devon truly understands people. He is a true advocate of the sport and is thrilled to share his enthusiasm for this experience with anyone, from the most extreme individual to the most timid. Devon’s clients say his style triggers the deep things inside of them and leaves them with an enduring story. Devon can guide you into reaching your full potential and to be a natural at this balance sport. Walking on water and flying above it is something Jetblade Barbados members testify as unforgettable. It’s contagious and fun and we see it as an everyday way of life. From the U.K, USA,Canada,Grand Cayman to Barbados, Devon has witnessed Jetblade Barbados’ culture gaining international traction, other’s have come to believe in what he believes in. His consistency and commitment to all his guests has created a Raving Fan Culture.He believes that the only thing everlasting in life are the memories that we create and share with others. Come fly with Devon.

Lindsay Bates


Lindsay Bates is the Co Founder of Jetblade Barbados .Her Canadian roots have been welcomed by the Barbadian community with open arms. Lindsay is to this day one of the only top go-to females in the international hydro sport industry,and the only experienced certified female master xjetpack instructor in Barbados. She describes life as “living the dream.” and is Jetblade Barbados’ leader when it comes to her sense of knowledge and trusts she imparts upon others. She is extensively knowledgeable in the operations of hydro systems. Lindsay’s clients say she elicits genuinely untouched emotions within them, allowing them to relax quickly and shed all fear and hesitation. Her unique personality is an absolute blessing to Jetblade Barbados and speaks to its practical value. Lindsay’s style and international reach has also transformed many into her own Raving Fans, attesting to the fact that she says and does the things she actually believes in. Lindsay is living proof that females absolutely rock! Her expertise demonstrates to her clients that she truly has them under her wing, or more fittingly, water jets and in a true safe environment for lasting memories to be made.Lindsay welcomes anyone to come fly with her.